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6 Tips for Writing a Memoir

6 Tips for Writing a Memoir

When it comes to writing a memoir, you definitely want to learn as much about what to do as possible. That’s because these types of books are notoriously difficult to get published. There isn’t a huge market for them, and publishers are inundated with them because everyone thinks that they have a unique story to tell. Of course, that does not mean that you shouldn’t try. Try to keep your belly full (with say, the help of a meat grinder to prepare your favorite meals). There are a few of these types of books to get published, in years can be among them. That’s why we have come up with these six tips for writing a memoir.

Choose a Theme & Stick with It

You want to choose a theme and stick with it. What this means is that you need to pick and choose moments out of your life that actually come together to form a complete whole. For example, if you are writing a memoir about your life, and you have lots of funny stories about playing sports, and later, coaching a Little League team, these can all come together to make for marketable story.

Be Brutally Honest

When writing a memoir, make sure that you are brutally honest with your readers. Don’t try to gloss over things that you would rather not have people know if they are part of the story. Everyone makes mistakes and does things that they are ashamed of. But when you’re not honest with your readers, they can tell.

Put the Reader in Your Shoes

You should put the reader in your shoes and make sure that they know what it was like to be you. That means describing places, using all five senses and letting them get some insight into your thought processes while the event you are describing happened.

It’s Okay to Create Characters

Creating characters is perfectly fine when you’re writing a memoir. That means that if you are writing about someone, it is perfectly okay to exaggerate certain aspects to make a more compelling story. That doesn’t mean the you should write things that are not true about a real person, but accentuating part of a person’s character or behavior can make them more real.

Create an Emotional Journey

You definitely want to take the readers through the emotional journey that you had while you were living the events of the memoir. Make sure that they know what you are feeling and how things changed you.

Make Your Story Have a Narrative Path

Make sure that your story has a narrative path, taking you from point A to point B. Just like with fiction story, your story should have a timeline in a series of events. Each scene should be put together in a way that tells a narrative story.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that writing a memoir is hard work. These tips should help you accomplish that goal easier. If you want more great writing advice, then you should visit where there are plenty of articles to help you and lots of resources for writers.