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A few tips on how to promote a self-published book

How to Promote Your Self-Published Book

After you self-publish a book, you have to promote it. If you do no promotion, the odds are good that your baby is just going to languish in obscurity and never get read. You have to let people know that your book is out there, and you have to give them a good reason to buy. But how do you promote your new novel or nonfiction book? There are some great ways to do so, and we will look at the five most effective ones here.

Using Social Media for Promotion

One of the best ideas is to use social media for promotion. However, this does not mean what most people think it means. Most people try to use social media to promote their book by posting over and over and all the end up doing is losing followers. You want to use social media to create awareness for your book, and it is okay to post once in a while to let people know that it is out there, but what you really want to do is to be entertaining and get lots and lots of people to follow you with a link to your book in your bio. It is even acceptable to have a picture of your book as your background on Facebook and Twitter. Just don’t annoy your followers with posts about your book every hour or so.

PPC & CPM Advertising

Some people like to use pay per click and cost per mille advertising. This is when you advertise on Google and the little add section on the sidebar, and you pay every time somebody clicks on your ad and goes to the site where your book is for sale, while the cost per mille is how much you paid for every 1000 views, usually on a banner ad that is posted on a site relevant to your book.

Kboards Advertising

The Kindle Boards are a forum for authors and readers, and there are some pretty awesome advertising opportunities there. Not only can you pay a small amount to actually advertise on Kboards, you can also list your books and your forum signature and whenever you post on the forums, people are going to see your book covers in full view and be able to click them to go to the books Amazon page.

Advertising with BookBub

BookBub is one of the best places to advertise your book, but it is very difficult for them to accept advertisers, and you have to have a good, professional quality book with lots of positive reviews. The cost varies depending upon the genre and the type of promotion you were doing, but if you can get a BookBub ad then you are definitely going to make more money on book sales then you spend.

Marketing Methods on Fiverr

Finally, you may want to look on Fiverr and see what marketing methods are available. Most of them will be five dollars, so there is a lot marketing that you can do for not very much money.